Sunday, 1 May 2011

My New Blog

 Hello and welcome to my new blog.
Psychomoda ladies Clothing is  a made to measure dress business in Edinburgh,Scoltland. I have been open for over 20 years making dresses (and other things) for all sorts of women for all sorts of occasions.
I have an enormous catalogue of garments we have made there over the years , and I hope to share some images of them with you as we go on this journey together.
I am not sure yet, how the content of my blog is going to evolve, I hope to take some of my lead from you, if you would like to discuss anything with me about clothing. perhaps you would like to know how to measure yourself corectly, or how to put a certain look together for an occasion.
I do know what I dont want, which is yet another running commentary of what is in or not in, accompanied by sleek images of impossibly beautiful girls.Thats not to say you will never see a Psychomoda dress modelled proffessionally, but rather , its not the sole objective.
at Psychomoda we try not to dictate to you what to wear, rather to design something for you that will be both up to date, and not too far from what you would normally wear so as to be uncomfortable in it.
Our aim is to give you the confidence to shine at your social event.
With this blog I hope to be able to pass on to you some of the things I have learned over the years working with real dresses for real people.
Thanks for visiting, and come back soon !


  1. Great stuff, Alison! Happy blogging! x

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