Monday, 9 May 2011

C.K Events Fashion Show 4th may 2011

Upon arrival at G..H.Q. club last wednesday, it became immediately obvious that my garments were in very safe hands.

The crew were VERY well organised, and the girls all styled and ready to go with more than an hour to go before kick off. The hair and make up were all gorgeous, and I was very impressed by the calm and friendly backstage atmosphere. So calm, infact that I felt comfortable enough to partake of a small Gin. (for medicinal purposes only)
I was able to kick back and relax  during the first half of the show, with my gang, who had all arrived on time , and almost sober.(!)
gorgeous little patchwork embellished  tops and dresses from "Tea at Aunties " came out first, followed by a plethora of vintage dresses by "Godiva" more designers followed, all beautifully modelled.

At the interval, Gabriella and I galloped backstage to start getting my set ready. as we were showing last of the night.
All of my garments need lacing up in one way or another, so it can get a bit hairy dressing 6 girls in 4 minutes, but, thanks to the competence and helpfulness of all involved, the girls were ready, and sent out to the call of "get those prom dresses lined up NOW" from the  young lady standing at the stage door with the running order.(you dont mess with the stage manager)
we managed to jump out of the backstage just in time to see the set, and I was very happy with the result. Beautiful girls sauntered down the catwalk on the arms of some seriously good looking chaps , in their fully kilted finery.
"wow" gasped a woman standing near to me, and at that moment I remembered why I love my job.

Pictures by Dennis McInally.

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  1. Photos are beautiful! Well done Alison! x